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They call it "BURGOO"

Burgoo is most easily described as a thick and hearty soup; some even describe it as stew.  Lots of meat, vegetables, a few secret spices and lots of TLC.  Its Kentucky history dates back to the very early 1800's.


Experience is important!

Our family burgoo recipe is a work-in-progress; we've been tweaking it for 50 years.  We think it gets a little nearer to perfect (!) every time out.  We have the equipment, expertise and experience to produce what we believe will be the BEST BURGOO you ever tasted!  As Will Rogers said, "It ain't braggin' if it's true!"


Does the burgoo trail lead to you?

Burgoo is the perfect complement to any group activity.  Fairs, festivals, family reunions, commercial and corporate events -  why not make your next gathering an old-fashioned BURGOO?  Contact us today for pricing and availability.


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